Partners of The Alan Nuttall Partnership celebrating EO Day 2023

Partnership marks EO DAY 2023 with two new initiatives

The Alan Nuttall Partnership joined employee-owned companies UK-wide for EO Day 2023 to celebrate the many benefits of employee ownership, from team wellbeing, to prosperity, to the environment.

Friday 23rd June 2023 saw Partners (employees) from across the company’s two sites, Hinckley and Dudley, united to mark EO Day 2023 and two new Partner-focused initiatives.

Teams from across The Alan Nuttall Partnership celebrating EO Day 2023
Teams from across The Alan Nuttall Partnership celebrating EO Day 2023

The Alan Nuttall Partnership is an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) comprising two innovative brands, Flexeserve – industry leaders in hot-holding and food-to-go, and Nuttall specialists in retail environments.

What is EO Day 2023?

Set up by the Employee Ownership Association and celebrating its 11th year, EO Day is an opportunity for employee-owned businesses and their supporters to come together and raise awareness of this approach to ownership.

The theme of this year’s EO Day was #TheEOeffect. Employee-owned businesses are more productive, more resilient and tend to be more rooted in their local areas and communities, securing good jobs for the longer term in the regions. Employee ownership also promotes investing in the long term, as well as looking honestly at Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and how best to tackle them.

Preparations for EO Day 2023 showing team of people, EO Day logo and The EO effect hashtag

New Head of People, Hayley Evans recently joined the Partnership to further promote equal benefits, support and recognition for all Partners. Hayley said: “Our Partners each have a stake in the business, so we’re a highly committed and engaged team. EO Day is a great opportunity to recognise the contribution of all Partners and draw attention to the ways you can see #TheEOeffect in our Partnership.

“We’re incredibly proud of our employee-owned status. The sense of shared ownership we foster and the wellbeing we nurture have a tangible impact on loyalty, productivity and prosperity within our brands.”

Proud of our past. Building our future.

Matt Hornblower, Joint CEO of The Alan Nuttall Partnership and CEO of Nuttall, said: “Our Partnership is going from strength to strength – all thanks to the dedication and creativity of our Partners. Together, we’ve built a community that nurtures talent and collaboration. Employee ownership has driven our innovation and success, helping each of our brands to become industry leaders.”

Of #TheEOeffect upon Flexeserve, Joint CEO of The Alan Nuttall Partnership and Global CEO of Flexeserve, Jamie Joyce said: “We’re always seeking innovative and creative solutions – driven by the commitment and input of our talented Partners. The engagement we see from our team is overwhelming – they are so invested in what we do and the impact we have on our customers. Employee ownership makes this possible.”

One Partnership. Two brands.Lockup of The Alan Nuttall Partnership logo, Flexeserve logo and Nuttall logo

The Alan Nuttall Partnership hosted celebrations that brought together all Partners to recognise the company’s ‘super power’. The business has been progressively realising the vision of its Founder, the late Alan Nuttall who prioritised innovation, equal recognition and sustainable growth.

All Partners were presented with a goodie bag that included some delicious EO Day-themed cupcakes and a Partnership-branded water bottle to encourage hydration and reduction of single-use plastics. A short presentation at the gatherings outlined #TheEOeffect in practice at the Partnership and culminated in the announcement of two new Partner-focused initiatives.

Contents of the goodie bag given to all Partners at The Alan Nuttall Partnership for EO Day 2023
The Alan Nuttall Partnership’s EO Day 2023 goodie bag

Hayley said: “EO Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the Partnership with our Partners and reaffirm our commitment to Alan’s vision. This is our first EO Day following his passing, and we’re honouring him by continuously evolving what it means to be a Partner.”

Embracing employee ownership

The past 18 months have been transformative for the Partnership and its brands. In this time, the Partnership has been developing industry-leading benefits for all employees – Voice Groups to make sure everyone is heard and a confidential, 24-hour personal support service. And the benefits don’t end there!

The two new initiatives announced on EO Day were the latest in a string of new ways the Partnership has enhanced its proposition as an employer:

Icon for Propose a Partner initiative
Propose a Partner

The first to be revealed was a new employee referral scheme, ‘Propose a Partner’. The programme aims to address the increased demand of the Partnership’s brands by rewarding Partners that help bring in new talent.

In Hayley’s words: “Our Partners know the business inside and out, and who better to trust to help us grow. I’m very excited to see our team embrace Propose a Partner and can’t wait to meet new successful candidates.”

Icon for Family-Friendly Partnership
Family-Friendly Partnership

The second new initiative was a Partner benefit – ‘Family-Friendly Partnership’. This new policy supports the personal and family wellbeing of Partners, by empowering them to fully participate in important family events, milestones and building lasting memories.

Hayley continued: “A healthy work-life balance directly impacts wellbeing. With Family-Friendly Partnership, we’re here to listen and are committed to supporting our Partners in making the most of life’s special moments.”

Looking ahead

Hayley concluded: “The Partnership has taken huge strides since EO Day 2022. We can’t wait to celebrate once again being an EOT next year and reflect on the progress we’ll have made over these next 12 months. In the meantime, we’ll continue to foster a community centred on wellbeing, shared success and setting ourselves apart within our industries.”

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