Welcome to
The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

Over 50 years of success from a highly committed team

The award-winning products we create and extensive support we provide our customers is made possible by the dedication of each and every one of our Partners.

Proud of our past, excited for our future

Developing better solutions has made us who we are. We innovate constantly, always one step ahead.

Established by Alan Nuttall in 1966

Since 1966, The Alan Nuttall Partnership has developed into a two-brand multi-million pound Partnership.

The product of our Partners

Our achievements are the result of all our Partners, and we all share in that success together.

“In our more than 50-year history, we have always strived to provide high quality, innovative solutions for our customers. That’s still true today and we are continuously finding ways to improve our offer.”
Alan Nuttall, Founder of The Alan Nuttall Partnership

Two brands, leading the way

Using their Partners’ unrivalled expertise, Flexeserve and Nuttall deliver solutions for a broad range of customers.

Flexeserve is the world-leading specialist in hot-holding equipment and food-to-go solutions, supporting everyone from single location independents to some of the largest retail brands in the world. We revolutionise our customers’ operations by improving efficiency, reducing food waste and expanding the range of food they can offer.

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Nuttall is one of the UK’s foremost store fitting specialists. We design, manufacture and install standard and bespoke display equipment for retail and commercial environments.

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A long-term vision of the future

We’re immensely proud of our Partnership’s employee-owned status – it defines who we are. We are a team of Partners – not employees, and we all benefit from our success.


We constantly seek to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our operations and the solutions we deliver to our customers.


We are highly committed to the wellbeing of all our Partners. This can be seen in the Partner facilities we invest in and everything we do.

Equal opportunities

We believe that all our Partners should have the opportunity to progress through the organisation and acquire new skills along the way.

Darren Emms, Finance Director, The Alan Nuttall Partnership
“The Partnership allows us to properly recognise the contributions of every single Partner in the business.”
Darren Emms, Finance Director of The Alan Nuttall Partnership