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Our business is built around optimising project value end-to-end

At Nuttall, we design, manufacture and install retail interiors in every sector, every category, every day.

About Nuttall

With lineage that goes back to the very start of what is now The Alan Nuttall Partnership, Nuttall is one of the UK’s leading names in developing retail spaces.

We lead the way in offering principal and main contracting capabilities to our clients. We combine our expertise and knowledge in design, development and manufacturing of display fixtures across all retail categories.

We optimise project value for customers through PRISM, our very own branded process, consisting of nine specialist project components that, when combined, offer our customers the complete end-to-end service.

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Our mission


PRISM is how we see the world. It’s an end-to-end solution delivered with complete confidence. We offer comprehensive project management or principal contractor support. Customers can tap into our expertise to bring ideas to life, harnessing our knowledge in value engineering, materials and sourcing. Projects can also fast-track to production and installation.

We provide full support to customers across any of the project components listed within PRISM. For those looking for total project support, end-to-end, we’re one of only a few UK companies with the depth of experience and breadth of capability.

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What we do

Creating end-to-end retail solutions.
High impact, low disruption

We develop high-impact retail interiors that are built to last, with superior project management to ensure as minimal disruption as possible for your employees and customers. 

Green credentials

We help customers achieve targets for sustainability, CSR and ‘net zero’ carbon. We’re a lean, green, recycling machine – our Refurb & Refresh service provides fast, affordable and more sustainable solutions.

Best cost, at scale

By taking an all-in approach from the first step, we are able to achieve optimal results at the best cost, through cogent value engineering practices.

Testing and prototyping

Our exacting prototyping process delivers quickly, without losing sight of cost or quality. We carry out changes in real time pressure-testing of concepts.

Refreshing flexibility

We have substantial project experience in ‘fresh’ categories, like produce and food-to-go, as well as specialist ‘non-food’ categories, such as clothing and pharmacy.

Always on brand

Our expertise and choice of materials ensure brand consistency and enable brands to stand out in busy retail spaces, achieving instant recognition.

All you need in one place

We manufacture, procure and consolidate equipment, manage inventory, supply on-demand and provide site installation – all with a single point of contact.

Idea to practical reality

We translate concepts into workable schemes that deliver on cost, quality and speed to install, with fixtures that stand the test of time.

Refurb & Refresh service
Refresh existing fixtures to 'lift' retail environments fast, affordably and more sustainably

Known by the company we keep

  • Nike
  • Pets at Home
  • ASDA
  • Calvin Klein
  • Homebase
  • Sushi Daily
  • Tesco
  • Amazon

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